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New Beginning

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I suppose it could just be called "A" beginning, but whatever.

So I guess I should say a bit about myself since you may be too lazy to check out the bio. My name is Nixie Tiem but you can just call me Nixie.  I  thought I'd start an LJ, hopefully to find some friends,  to read up and get into some online communities, and to just have some fun talking to myself!

I'm a senior in high school. I'm currently accepted to: Texas Tech, University of Texas at Dallas, University of Idaho, and University of Montana.
I was declined from the school I really wanted to go to, Colorado School of Mines, but I'm going to try and apply for a transfer during my first year of college. I'm waiting to hear back from other school before I make a decision of what school I should go to.
I'm planning on going into Mechanical Engineering as a major but hopefully work in the field of Aerospace Engineering. (Weird for a girl I know but I love it. Not to mention I have some sentimental reasons for wanting to go into it.)

I can't wait to go to college and be on my own and not have to be the one my family depends on. Not to mention I'll have a space, relatively, to myself. I can control the majority of my life.

But first I'm excited to go to A-kon!!! I've ordered an EGL outfit from FanPlus friend as well as a Mikuru cosplay! So maybe when I get those I'll be posting pictures but until then I shall remain in the dark.

I guess that's enough for now. x3

I'm always up to talking, send me a message, drop me a comment. I'd love to talk!

Ciao and much love!

~Nixie T.
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