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Qamra's Profile Part One

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Ok! I thought I'd break up the profile for my BJD Qamra. I'm doing a 101 questions things so I thought it would be easier if I did it in increments over time.

Part One:

The basics.

1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?

My name is Qamra, or however the people of this place may spell it. For some reason the people of this earth have some difficulty in pronouncing my family's name and therefor do not have a spelling for it. Once I have have lived on this world perhaps I can teach you pitiful things how to say my name properly. 

2. How old are you? When is your birthday? 

From my home planet I am the adolescent age of 19 solar revolutions. But again due to translation difficulties I can only say I was put forth into being towards the end of the solar revolution. Though my age on my planet is of 19, if one were to convert my age to earth.. yeaqrs, it would be the age of 380. 

3. Where were you born? Where do you live now? Are you patriotic?

I was brought to being on the smallest moon of my people's largest planet. I now live with an adoptive human family in some place called 'The States'. I suppose is it's name. If by patriotic you mean loyal then very much so to my home on the planet's moon and perhaps I will be to my new family, but that will only be when I get to know them better.

4. Who are your parents?

Ah, yes... my parents. -She sighs- I do not know whether or not they still live, but pray to the goddess that they do. -She looks away and wipes her eye softly with a finger then turns back- Eldric was... is what my father is called. He is strong and stern but had a tender heart if you know how to speak to him right. -She laughs softly to herself-  And we did know how to talk to him properly back at home. My father had the ability to speak to the beasts of the land, air and sea. So his duty among the clan is to train the beasts to perform for labor, to hunt and even... even to urge them forward into battle and to keep their wits about them. -She paused for a second and shook her head- And my mother, my dear mother, she is called Taili. She is kinda, oh so kind. There is not one thing she could give a hard look to or raise her voice to. Her gift is to know plants well and to be able to create wonderful meals to create potions to ease all and any ailments. 


I'll end it here for now. Hopefully I can stretch this out till the day I recieve her!
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